Thursday, November 12, 2009

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It is possible that he thinks I'm sexy? I had problems of self-love. I recently learned that I do not like myself. E 'was causing problems with me and my bf. ... I must admit that I fought a weight problem my whole life. I made fun of so much in my teens that I have a hard time accepting myself now. I recently discovered that my bf looks at nude pictures of actresses, when not at home. I told him that I was annoyed and asked him to stop. I do not care about porn, because I know all the guys watch porn. But, I am having problems because I am having difficulty believing that he really thinks I'm sexy when looking at pictures of Megan Fox nude. How can I overcome this? Its cause tensions with us. He acts like me, is like asking him to stop telling him to stop breathing. My feelings are if he really likes me .... you should respect my feelings and stop! I also learned that wont have sex with me for 2 weeks or more, because he masturbates when I'm home .....
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